Bourgeois Education

One of the most influential places for bourgeois ideology is the educational system, and it is important that we must reevaluate what the purpose and goal of education are. Now ideally education is a cornerstone of any society, to have a well-educated population allows for the political animal to truly come into fruition, and true democracy can only hold so well as the education of its citizens. This quality is not determined by grades, but rather by an entirely separate venture of allowing children to learn politics in an engaging yet philosophical manner. While I will continue on with this line of reasoning, it is important to note that at the end of the day education must prepare its students for the labor force, and this labor force must tear down its preexisting hierarchies. Education in the humanities must complement this because citizens must be aware of their political reality if they will be able to critique and further society, yet education in these fields must be radically reconsidered. At the current moment the humanities is a bourgeois institution alienated from the working class, and while there are valuable aspects of the humanities that must and will remain, the ways that it is thought is far removed from the essential struggles of the proletarian. Don Quixote will remain a vital text, but the ways that Don Quixote is taught must undergo a radical change where discussion must come from an unalienated desire towards learning of the human spirit. However literature will remain a distinct field, what is essential is that politics must be taught to all, and this political discourse cannot be singular, but must incorporate all of the various directions that are needed. Critical thought is the essence of discourse in this sphere, whether a student is a capitalist, socialist, anarchist, etc. is ultimately irrelevant, what depends is that the student escapes the veil of false consciousness and rethinks basic conceptions of reality. To have an education system that promotes that is of the essence and is absolutely crucial. Now towards the labour aspect, while some students can pursue fields in the humanities, there must be some sort of manner that the humanities will be interlinked with praxis, art must be connected to the primary body of readers, not some elite bored group, but the people themselves. The ultimate goal of this aspect of education is to allow workers to experience art in contrast to the capitalist age where workers come home tired as shit and not wanting to engage in any strenuous reading. This strenuous reading is essential towards the human spirit and must be removed from its heirachial location and essentially “come down to Earth”. This is not a cry to artists to become Stephen Kings, but a hope that a society can exist where proletarian art is not reserved for the bourgeois elites. This divide is essential towards the question of labor, as the bourgeois college system is seen as higher than that of training in trade schools or other vocations that don’t require to put a forty thousand dollar loan. Not only is the price ridiculous, but the occupations college students go into depend on those not privileged enough to enter such fields, and a hierarchy is born into the labour force where the people who don’t go to fancy universities are seen as lesser to those who do. Universities depend on the alienation to the working class to remain in an exploitative position; the degree is used to justify some workers being “above” others, when it is obvious that this is not the case. This is why education must be reconsidered to bridge the divide between the bourgeois exploiters and the working class exploited.